Trouble With Father (The Stu Erwin Show)

Trouble With Father (The Stu Erwin Show)

10 Episodes

(1950-1953) 27 min
Stu Erwin portrays a very calm high school principal, with his wife, June Collyer.

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Trouble With Father (The Stu Erwin Show)
  • Fathers Pet

    Episode 1

    Family is talked into raising guppies.

  • Business
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Stu invests in a dress store and must manage it.

  • Fair Exchange

    Episode 3

    Stu brings home foreign exchange student from South America.

  • Father Picks a Queen

    Episode 4

  • Black Saturday

    Episode 5

    Stu tries to build June a dishwasher from a kit.

  • Big Game
    Episode 6

    Big Game

    Episode 6

    Stu tries to avoid vandalism before big football game.

  • Barbeque
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Erwins give barbecue to lure Joyce's boyfriend to house.

  • Dr IQ Erwin

    Episode 8

    Stu does poorly on an I.Q. test.

  • Father Gets Into Act

    Episode 9

    Everyone wants to join in when movie company comes to town.

  • Contest
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Joyce and Nancy compete in popularity contest.