Gabby Toons

Gabby Toons

2 Seasons

Gabby debuted as the town crier Gulliver's Travels, and earned his very own series.

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Gabby Toons
  • All's Well

    Episode 1

    (1941) 7m
    Can Gabby change a baby's diaper?

  • Fire Cheese

    Episode 2

    (1941) 7m
    Gabby assists the local fire department as the fight a blaze.

  • Gabby Goes Fishing

    Episode 3

    (1941) 7m
    Gabby teaches a young boy how to fish, but the boy knows more than him.

  • It's a Hap Hap Happy Day

    Episode 4

    (1941) 7m
    Gabby is annoying, as usual, on a camping trip.

  • King for a Day

    Episode 5

    (1940) 7m
    King Little gives Gabby his job for a day to avoid an enemy.

  • Swing Cleaning

    Episode 6

    (1941) 7m
    The king lets Gabby do spring cleaning for the castle.

  • Two for the Zoo

    Episode 7

    (1941) 7m
    Gabby must deliver a crated up baby kangaroo to a zoo.